UBA Executive Committee

The UBA governance structure comprises of subscribing member banks as shareholders who hold Annual General Meetings (AGM) to review the performance of the Association and Approve strategic objectives proposed by the Executive Committee. The Executive committee meets all other members of the association once every month. UBA’s Executive committee provides day to day leadership, guidance and management to the Association on policy issues which affect the banking and financial sector. The association has a constitution that is agreed upon by all members

UBA Executive committee

Patrick Mweheire
Patrick Mweheire,
UBA Chairman
Chief Executive Officer Stanbic Bank Uganda

Rakesh Kumar Jha
Rakesh Kumar Jha:
Vice Chairman
Managing Director Barclays Bank Uganda Limited

Sarah Arapta
Sarah Arapta
Honorable Auditor
Chief Executive Officer Citibank

Mathias Katamba
Mathias Katamba,
Honorable Treasurer
Managing Director Housing Finance Bank

Wilbrod Humphreys Owor
Wilbrod Humphreys Owor:
Executive Director Uganda Bankers Association